Arang and the Magistrate

Arang & Kim Eun Oh

Arang & Joo Wal

Bang Wool & Dol Swe


Kim Eun Oh, a magistrate, comes to Miryang town searching for his mother. He has the ability to see spirits but ignores them because they will disturb him and ask him for favours if they find out that he can see them.

Arang is a ghost and has lost all her memories. She can’t  move on to the afterlife until she finds out how she ended up dead. She appears to three magistrates, all of which die from fright at the sight of her. She then goes to Eun Oh to ask him for help, exactly the kind of favour he’s trying to avoid.

Eun Oh rejects her. However, he discovers that Arang has the hairpin that he gave to his mother when he last saw her and decides to help her in the hopes that she will remember what happened tell him where his mother is. Together they try to find out what happened and to complicate matters further, a nobleman named Joo Wal who falls in love with Arang might have a hand in her death.


Arang (Shin Min Ah)
Kim Eun Oh (Lee Jun Ki)
Joo Wal (Yeon Woo Jin)
Bang Wool (Hwang Bo Ra)
Dol Swe (Kwon Oh Joong)



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