Dream High 2

Shin Hye Sung & Jin Yoo Jin

Shin Hye Sung & JB

Rian & Jin Yoo Jin

Rian & JB

Nana/Kim Jae Hee & Si Woo

Nana/Kim Jae Hee & Park Hong Joo

Ailee & Ui Bong

Ahn Tae Yeon & Yang Jin Man

Hyun Ji Soo & Yang Jin Man


Dream High 2 is about a group of students at the Kirin High School of Art who pursue their dream of becoming superstars through singing. Although it is the sequel to the famous ‘Dream High’, it features a completely different cast and plot.

Kirin High School is taken over by Oz Entertainment after facing bankruptcy due to mismanagement. The once prestigious school has fallen from grace and is now considered a school for delinquents. Oz Entertainment then transfers its own young trainees in an attempt to  circumvent a new law that has taken effect, requiring under-age entertainers to study for a certain amount of time and protecting them from ‘child labour’.  As a result, rivalries form between the troubled students at Kirin High and the new trainee students.

Kang Sora, Jin Yoo Jin, JB and Rian form a love square while also dealing with singing competitions, performances and the ever-present paparazzi!


Shin Hye Sung (Kang So Ra)
Jin Yoo Jin (Jinwoon) from boy group 2am
JB (JB) from boy duo JJ Project
Rian (Park Ji Yeon) from girl group T-ara
Nana/Kim Jae-hee (Hyorin) from girl group Sistar
Si Woo (Park Seo Joon)
Park Hong Joo (Kim Jisoo)
Ailee (Ailee)
Ui Bong (Jr.) from boy duo JJ Project
Ahn Tae Yeon (Choi Yeo Jin)
Yang Jin Man (Park Jin Young) owner of JYP Entertainment
Hyun Ji Soo (Park Kahi) 



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