Glowing She @ My Shining Girl @ Sunshine Girl

Jun Ji Hyun & No Yong Woo

Jun Ji Hyun & Kang Min


Jun Ji Hyun works for a big company. Although she is more than capable at her job, her boss frequently credits her work as his. One day, Ji Hyun travels to Japan to present a proposal that she has been working on for 2 months in order to prevent her boss from stealing it. Upon entering the conference room, Ji Hyun discovers that her boss’ name instead of hers is on the cover of the file containing the proposal. Ji Hyun snaps and shouts at her boss back in her hotel room. Despite her anger, she joins her boss and co-workers for drinks as she is unable to quit her job. She is then humiliated further in front of her colleagues when her boss states that he believes women should get married and remain as housewives instead of working.

Furious, Ji Hyun get up to go to the bathroom and knocks into a superstar, Kang Min, causing him to drop a bottle of wine.

No Yong Woo, Ji Hyun’s ex-boyfriend works as a famous producer and as such travelled to Japan to cast Kang Min. He visits Kang Min on set and the two men end up having an argument. That night No Yong Woo goes to a bar with his friend where he sees Ji Hyun getting up and knocking into Kang Min. Kang Min becomes angry and follows Ji Hyun, demanding that she pay for the wine. No Yong Woo witnesses this and defends her, saying that the wine was a gift from his boss and Kang Min shouldn’t expect payment for it as he did not pay for it. Kang Min then proceeds to demand that Ji Hyun pay No Yong Woo for the bottle of wine and leaves.

After going to the restroom, Ji Hyun returns to the bar and pours ice on her boss. She leaves the bar, goes back to Korea and quits her job, deciding to pursue her dream of becoming a writer for a TV show. Soon, the producer, top star and writer are entangled in a love triangle.


Jun Ji Hyun (So Yi Hyun)
No Yong Woo (Park Kwang Hyun)
Kang Min (Kim Hyung Joon)



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