Take Care of Us Captain

Han Da Jin & Kim Yoon Sung

Han Da Jin & Kang Dong Soo


Kim Yoon Sung has the opportunity to fly as the co-pilot with the legendary Captain Han Gyu Pil.

During the flight, the Captain Gyu Pil leaves the cockpit to go to the restroom but not without putting the plane on auto-pilot mode. Co-Pilot Yoon Sung is left to man the plane alone in the cockpit. He accidentally pushes a lever while trying to reach for something. This causes the autopilot to become disengaged. Young Yoon Sung tries to balance the tilting plane by pulling on the yoke and manages to get the plane flying safely again.

As a result of the plane tilting, a pregnant woman knocks against the toilet wall. Air hostess Choi Ji Won goes to check on the pregnant passenger and finds her on the floor. She then helps her up and returns her to her seat. She notices that the lady is unconscious when checking on her a little while later, with blood on her blanket. An emergency medical procedure is formed and the woman’s baby is born. However, as the scissors used during the procedure was not sterilised, the baby is contracts a medical condition.

Meanwhile in the cabin, Captain Gyu Pil says it is too risky to do an emergency landing at the nearest airport as the wind there is strong and will put the lives of his 300 passengers in danger. Yoon Sung then asks him ‘what if that woman was your family?’ and the captain replies that, that woman is indeed his family…..she’s his wife! The woman was flying to America to see her daughter, Han Da Jin, graduate from pilot school. After giving birth, Captain Gyu Pil’s wife then dies, unable to see her daughter’s graduation.

Da Jin is upset with her father as her mother was also his passenger. Later on, she apologises to him for her harsh words via text message and he is hit by an on-coming truck while trying to reply. Yoon Sung doesn’t know that Gyu Pil has passed away and wrecked with guilt for causing the plane incident, he leaves Korea. Da Jin is now an orphan with her sick baby sibling.

7 years later, Da Jin and Yoon Sung are sitting next to each other in the cockpit with Da Jin as Captain Yoon Sung’s co-pilot. The two do not get along as Yoon Sung constantly snaps at Da Jin’s mistakes, thinking her incompetent. Da Jin works hard to prove Yoon Sung wrong. The past slowly catches up with the both of them, just as they fall for each other.


Han Da Jin (Ku Hye Sun)
Kim Yoon Sung (Ji Jin Hee)
Dong Soo (Lee Chun Hee)



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