The Equator Man @ Man from the Equator

Kim Sun Woo &Han Ji Won

Lee Jang Il & Han Ji Won

Lee Jang Il & Choi Soo Mi


Kim Sun Woo is lazy, fun-loving and disinterested in studying. On the other hand, Lee Jang Il always ranks at the top of their high school and dreams of becoming successful. Both of them comem from a poor background and are classmates. After Sun Woo comes to Jang Il’s rescue when he is being attacked by loan sharks, the two become best friends.

Meanwhile, Kim Sun-Woo’s father is diagnosed with cancer and learns that he doesn’t have many days left to live. His father then tells Sun-Woo of his condition and tells him that he plans to introduce him to someone that will take care of him after his death.

Their innocent and honest friendship is ruined, however, as both their fathers are entangled in a conspiracy, resulting in Sun Woo’s father being killed and Jang Il’s father taking the blame. To make matters worse, they both fall for the same woman, Han Ji Won.

As both boys, now grown men, take revenge on each other, things become more complicated and the people surrounding them are inevitably drawn into their respective plots for revenge.


Kim Sun Woo (Uhm Tae Woong)
Han Ji Won (Lee Bo Young)
Lee Jang Il (Lee Joon Hyuk)
Choi Soo Mi (Im Jung Eun)



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