Time Slip Dr. Jin

Jin Hyuk & Hong Young Rae

Kim Kyung Tak & Hong Young Rae

Jin Hyuk & Choon Hong

Jin Hyuk & Yoo Mi Na


Jin Hyuk is a famous and well-respected neurosurgeon hailing from a family of doctors. His analytical ability and precision allows him a success rate of almost 100%. Being a perfectionist and professional surgeon, he puts work ahead of anything else making him a cold and calculative person. His girlfriend, Yoo Mi Na, is a warm doctor who also does a lot of volunteering work, helping out those who can’t afford the medical bills. Jin Hyuk planned to propose to her but an argument about his cold heart and refusal to treat a patient that has no hope leaves Mi Na driving off in a puff and getting into an accident as a result of the argument.

Jin Hyuk then performs surgery on Mi Na and goes to the rooftop where he sees a patient of his acting strangely. The patient is carrying a foetus-shaped tumour that Jin Hyuk removed from his head earlier.

All of a sudden, Jin Hyuk travels back 150 years to the Joseon Dynasty where medical advancements are minimal. He begins treating people of the era, but the lack of necessary instruments and the people’s almost non-existent medical knowledge forces him to develop medical devices and medicine by himself, trying his best to heal the sick. He meets Hong Young Rae who looks uncannily like Mi Na, who is engaged to her childhood friend Kim Kyung Tak although she is not in love with him.

Jin Hyuk is faced with difficult situations as he has to adapt to his new surroundings and treat patients using all his resources, always improvising and taking risks. Having said that, the toughest hurdle Jin Hyuk faces is that his actions affect the future and his decisions may alter it permanently. Should he still go ahead and save the people then?


Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun)
Hong Young Rae (Park Min Young) – 1860
Kim Kyung Tak (Kim Jae Joong)
Choon Hong (Lee So Yeon)
Yoo Mi Na (Park Min Young) – 2012



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