Wild Romance

Park Mu Yeol & Yoo Eun Jae

Park Mu Yeol & Kang Jong Hee

Kim Tae Han & Kim Dong Ah

Jin Dong Soo & Oh Su Young


Park Mu Yeol is the star player of Red Dreamers, a professional baseball team that is much loved by the baseball-crazy nation. Although good with the bat and ball, his temper often causes gets him in trouble. Tough and witty Yoo Eun Jae supports the Red Dreamer’s arch-rivals – Blue Seagulls and naturally hates Mu Yeol. Sworn enemies, the two get into a fight during a night out and Eun Jae displays her Judo skills causing Mu Yeol to land on his back and a subsequent scandal erupts.

In order to diffuse the situation and save Mu Yeol’s reputation, Eun Jae is hired as his bodyguard as an agreement between Mu Yeol’s manager and Eun Jae’s bodyguard company. Amidst their bickering, a sinister stalker appears, wrecking havoc on Mu Yeol’s life and those around him such as his best friend and fellow baseball player Jin Dong Soo, Dong Soo’s loving and dedicated wife, Oh Su Young and painter Kang Jong Hee, Mu Yeol’s ex-girlfriend.

Kim Dong Ah is Eun Jae’s best friend and together with Kim Tae Han, the two help Mu Yeol and Eun Jae in dealing with this stalker.


Park Mu Yeol (Lee Dong Wook)
Yoo Eun Jae (Lee Si Young)
Kang Jong Hee (Jessica Jung)
Kim Tae Han (Kang Dong Ho)
Kim Dong Ah (Im Joo Eun)
Jin Dong Soo (Oh Man Seok)
Oh Su Young (Hwang Sun Hee)



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