Empress Ki

Ki Seung Nyang/Empress Ki & Prince Wang Yoo/King Choong Hye

Ki Seung Nyang/Empress Ki & Prince Ta Hwan/Emperor Huizong


‘Empress Ki’ depicts the life of a determined, skilled woman, Ki Seung Nyang, who would eventually become become Empress Ki.

In the beginning, Prince Wang Yoo meets Seung Nyang during an investigation regarding salt smuggling. After hearing about the famous archer, he challenges her which only amazes him even more when he sees her skills. Seung Nyang has been living her life as a man since she was young in order to protect herself and do good deeds. Naturally, Prince Wang Yoo, the future King Choong Hye of Goryeo, thinks that she’s a man and this troubles him as he finds himself falling for her.

For political reasons, Prince Wang Yoo sends Seung Nyang to protect the exiled, spoiled and cowardly Prince Ta Hwan who would later become Emperor Huizong of Yuan. She’s good at riding horses, skilled with the bow and arrow and has an attitude to boot! He too finds his heart slowly beating faster whenever she’s around, not knowing that she is actually a woman.

While Prince Wang Yoo has a good and easy-going relationship with Seung Nyang, Prince Ta Hwan has a bickering relationship with her. How would the simple but gorgeous future Empress Ki, deal with her difficult duties and two future kings who have fallen in love with her?


Ki Seung Nyang/Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won)
Prince Wang Yoo/King Choong Hye (Joo Jin Mo)
Prince Ta Hwan/Emperor Huizong (Ji Chang Wook)


One response to “Empress Ki

  1. My mane is Nizigama abias
    am from east african my country “RWANDA”

    When i see this season called empress ki,i saw a girl “seung nyang that became empress ki

    that cause to remember the hero of Rwandan history called “Ndabaga.she is a figth girl with bow and arrows

    **so.Seung nyang i like your mood play
    no rwandan people can play with you.

    *i will see you and i love you.


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