Flower Boy Next Door

Go Dok Mi & Enrique Geum

Go Dok Mi & Oh Jin Rok

Cha Do Hwi & Oh Jin Rok

Yoon Seo Young & Enrique Geum

Go Dok Mi & Han Tae Joon

Editor Kim Seul Gi & Oh Dong Hoon


Go Dok Mi is a shy and reclusive girl who views the world through her window – and a pair of binoculars when staring at men-, reluctant to step out of her apartment. She falls in love with Han Tae Joon at first sight who happens to live opposite her!

Oh Jin Rak and his flatmate Oh Dong Hoon live in the same block as Dok Mi and are struggling webtoon artists. Their editor is Kim Seul Gi, a girl with big eye-bags as a result of lack of sleep.

Funny and happy-go-lucky Enrique Geum, a game designer, arrives in Seoul and moves in with his cousin, Tae Joon. The girl he likes, Yoon Seo Young, is in love with Tae Joon and Enrique travels to Seoul to help her out.

Meanwhile, Cha Do Hwi is Dok Mi’s elegant high school bully. She appears and intends to get together with Jin Rak who likes Dok Mi.

All these different people surround Dok Mi and shake up her once peaceful and quiet world with love, rivalry, jealousy and unrelenting misunderstandings.


Go Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye)
Enrique Geum (Yoon Shi Yoon)
Oh Jin Rak (Kim Ji Hoon)
Cha Do Hwi (Park Soo Jin)
Yoon Seo Young (Kim Yoon Hye)
Han Tae Joon (Kim Jung San)
Editor Kim Seul Gi (Kim Seul Gi)
Oh Dong Hoon (Go Kyung Pyo)


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