Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi

Yoo Jung & Prince Gwanghae

Yoo Jung & Kim Tae Do


This Sageuk drama depicts the life of famous Korean potter, Yoo Jung. Gifted with accentuated senses, her keen sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste enable her to analyse and create the best pottery of her time that is still admired until today.

Her skills catch the eye of famous Prince Gwanghae (later he became King) who falls in love with this smart and creative woman. In Korean history, King Gwanghae was deposed due to all his reforms that benefited the people but displeased his ministers. Although he was the one of the two kings to ever be dethroned in Korean history, he is much loved by the nation for his reforms and putting his people first.

Prince Gwanghae ruled during a difficult time in the Joseon era and was torn between his duty as king and his love for her. At the same time, Kim Tae Do grew up alongside Yoo Jung and has loved her from a young age. He dedicates his entire life to protect her, practising martial arts and the art of wielding a bow and arrow during his free time. His talent and hard work does not go unnoticed when he is hired to work in the palace under the military division. Prince Gwanghae and Tae Do compete for Yoo Jung’s affections and both are torn between duty and love when the Japanese invade to capture Yoo Jung for her skills.


Yoo Jung (Moon Geun Yong)
Prince Gwanghae (Lee Sang Yoon)
Kim Tae Do (Kim Bum)


2 responses to “Goddess of Fire, Jung Yi

  1. Of course Jung-ah x Kim Tae Do are the best !! Taejung all the way !

    And now it’s even Geunbum all the way, since both actors are dating in real life.


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