Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love @ Jang Ok Jung Living by Love

Jang Ok Jung & Crown Prince Lee Soon/King Suk Jong

Jang Ok Jung & Prince Dongpyung

Queen In Hyun & King Suk Jong

Queen In Hyun & Prince Dongpyung


This re-take on Korea’s infamous concubine, Jang Ok Jung shows a different side of her story. Perhaps she was simply misunderstood? Maybe the political and cruel atmosphere of the palace forced her to do what she did in order to survive and her actions were in the name of love?

As a young child, she meets Prince Lee Soon who saves her without revealing his true identity. They fall in love but soon Prince Lee Soon – later King Sukjong – must return to the palace.

After a harsh life and many years later, Ok Jung is hired to make clothes for the royal family. Ok Jung and Prince Lee Soon constantly bump into each other even though the palace is so huge and he thinks she looks familiar but she says she doesn’t know him. Having never forgotten her, Prince Lee Soon and Ok Jung fall in love again under the disguise of a head palace guard. She is shocked to find out that her Lee Soon is actually a prince and Lee Soon accuses her of approaching him with hidden intentions. He says that the palace is massive and their frequent coincidences are part of Ok Jung’s plan to get closer to him. She is deeply hurt and denies this. Prince Dongpyung who has fallen in love with her is also deeply hurt that the girl he loves only has eyes for his brother and to make it worse, her love for him only brings her more challenges.

As palace politics get dirtier with Prince Lee Soon’s power-hungry and meddling grandmother, Prince Lee Soon and Ok Jung’s love face many hurdles including one in the form of the kind Queen In Hyun, who is a victim of all the politics herself. Initially a gentle and loving woman, Ok Jung’s low status causes her to be bullied in the palace and her love with Prince Lee Soon the subject of ridicule. To protect her, Prince Lee Soon elevates her position to that of the highest concubine with the title Lady Jang Hee Bin against the wishes of his ministers, bringing about political upheaval and dissatisfaction. Ok Jung herself slowly changes in order to adapt to the harsh palace life that forbids her love with Prince Lee Soon.


Prince Lee Soon (Yoo Ah In)
Jang Ok Jung (Kim Tae Hee)
Prince Dongpyung (Lee Sang Yeob)
Queen In Hyun (Hong Soo Hyun)



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