Level 7 Civil Servant

Kim Seo Won & Han Gil Ro

Kim Seo Won & Gong Do Ha

Shin Sun Mi & Gong Do Ha

Mi Rae & Woo Jin/JJ


When two spies fall in love, all hell breaks lose. Kim Seo Won becomes an agent to support her poor family. On the other hand, Han Gil Ro comes from a rich family and becomes a spy to fulfil his childhood dream after seeing 007 in action as a little boy. Initially her target, Seo Won finds herself falling for Gil Ro to the dismay of her colleagues and supervisors.

All the lies between them test their relationship and Gil Ro meets his rival in Gong Do Ha, Seo Won’s cool and handsome colleague who also has affections for Seo Won and who in turn is loved by Shin Sun Mi, another fellow agent. At the same time, a beautiful spy named Mi Rae approaches Gil Ro with hidden intentions and suddenly Gil Ro’s rich family background doesn’t seem so perfect after all.

Mix revenge, trust, friendship, greed and love and you get the lives of spies who are constantly torn between duty and matters of the heart.


Kim Seo Won (Choi Kang Hee)
Han Gil Ro (Joo Won)
Gong Do Ha (Chansung)
Shin Sun Mi (Kim Min Seo)
Mi Rae (Kim Soo Hyun)
Woo Jin/JJ (Im Yoon Ha)



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