Nail Shop Paris


Hong Yeo Joo & Alex Kim Ji Hoon

Hong Yeo Joo & Kay/Kei

Kim Ji Soo & Jin


Hong Yeo Joo is a writer. She shows her work about a gumiho to a publisher and just as he is about to sign her on, they find out that there is already another book with a similar storyline to Yeo Joo’s. Fearing plagiarism, Yeo Joo gets rejected and feels very upset.

Yeo Joo tries very hard to come up with another story but fails to do so because she is afraid that it has already been published, leaving her very frustrated. Her room-mate Kim Ji Soo suggests that she find a muse, an inspiration, by stalking another human being.

In the train station, Yeo Joo witnesses a very good-looking guy named Alex, save a woman from a drunk man and curious about him, he becomes her target. She follows him to his destination and ends up at Paris, a nail shop or nail boutique that only hires men! So, Yeo Joo being the tough and determined heroine, sets out to get herself hired into the nail shop and dresses as a man with Ji Soo’s help to do so. 

There, she meets Kay and Jin, the two other employees who are both very good-looking as well. With cool and classy men all around her, Yeo Joo has a tough time finding out where her heart belongs, and at the same time, a strange and shocking revelation is made.  


Hong Yeo Joo (Park Gyuri)
Alex Kim Ji Hoon (Jun Ji Hoo)
Kay/Kei (Song Jae Rim)
Jin (Cheondung)
Kim Ji Soo (Han So Young)



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