You’re The Best, Lee Soon Shin

Lee Soon Shin & Shin Joon Ho

Lee Yoo Shin & Park Chan Woo

Lee Hye Shin & Seo Jin Wook


Lee Soon Shin is the youngest in her family. She’s a sweet, emotional, gullible and bright girl who defers her college options and tries her hand at multiple jobs that don’t end up too well. During a particularly bad day, a man claiming to be Shin Joon Ho approaches her and scams her into signing a contract with his company to become an actress. The swindler then takes off leaving Soon Shin with his debts.

The real Shin Joon Ho is the CEO of his own talent agency, Gabi Entertainment. At one point in time he was a famous musician as he shot to stardom after launching his first album. Sadly, his second album was a flop and he became depressed. His ex-girlfriend, a famous actress, dumped him then and Joon Ho has been heart broken ever since. Gabi Entertainment’s biggest client is a seasoned actress, Song Mi Ryung. During her book-launching party, Joon Ho and his ex-girlfriend Choi Yeon Ah have a conversation filled with attempts at one-upping each other. He asks her to sign with his successful company and she retorts by saying that she’s trying to set up her own management agency. In the following days, Soon Shin sees the swindler luring other potential victims and takes off after him – only to be stopped by Joon Ho’s car. She shouts at him and throws a tantrum demanding that he pay her back, not looking pretty at all.

Joon Ho and Yeon Ah then proceed to discussing business with the wailing Soon Shin crouching outside. Joon Ho asks Yeon Ah to sign with him instead of setting up her own company and she says while pointing at Soon Shin: I’ll sign with you if you can make that girl into a celebrity in one month.

Joon Ho rises to the challenge and although initially weary after being scammed the first time, Soon Shin starts to work hard to become a famous actress. Slowly but surely, the two find themselves falling for each other.

Meanwhile, Lee Yoo Shin is the middle sister and a very career-minded woman. Pretty, sharp, witty and outspoken, she has no qualms about flirting with men to the disdain of Park Chan Woo, a dermatologist and the Lee sisters’ neighbour. When they were in college, Yoo Shin out-rightly rejected his confession and their relationship was never the same again. Chan Woo is also very kind towards Soon Shin and doesn’t like it when Yoo Shin bullies her. Hence, the both of them constantly quarrel with each other. What he doesn’t know is that Yoo Shin is very jealous of Soon Shin because their mother rescued her first during a fire incident when they were young. Conservative Chan Woo and liberal Yoo Shin constantly bicker and soon they start dating with the terms and conditions of the relationship written down in contract form. Neither of them expected sparks to start flying between them.

Eldest sister Lee Hye Shin is divorcing her cheating husband. She takes her young daughter, Woo Joo, back to Seoul with her and there, she meets the kind baker and restaurateur, Seo Jin Wook. Always feeling the pressure of having to live up to her title as the eldest daughter, she strives very hard to be good at everything she does. Gentle Jin Wook is always there for her and her daughter during times of difficulty. Their peaceful life is shattered when Hye Shin’s jerk of a husband returns and asks for a second chance, looking down on Jin Wook and making life miserable for all of them.

The Lee sisters deal with their ups and downs with their male counterparts and there is never a dull moment in the Lee household with the 3 sisters and their noisy grandmother.


Lee Soon Shin (IU)
Shin Joon Ho (Jo Jung Suk)
Lee Yoo Shin (Yoo In Na)
Park Chan Woo (Go Joo Won)
Lee Hye Shin (Son Tae Young)
Seo Jin Wook (Jung Woo)



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