Voting FAQs

1) If there are 2-3 pairings, you can only vote for 1 OTP.
2) If there are 4-6 pairings, you are allowed to vote for 2 OTPs.
3) If there are 7 or more than 7 pairings, 3 OTPs are allowed.

That’s it! 3 simple rules. Happy voting!

Please feel free to leave any comments/feedbacks. As we’re still new, we’re trying to improve and expand our database as fast as possible. We do not own any pictures but do own opinions on our OTPs and would like you to express yours as well. Hope you enjoy this blog!

If you would like to request a specific drama, please write the name of the drama and the list of pairings down in the comments section below and watch it appear!!



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